6 comments on “Family Of Anti-Muslim Movie Film Maker Now In Hiding

  1. A terrorist act? Making a film is classed as that these days?
    I havent seen the film, but does it actively engage or promote the use of violence against any group of people. Interestingly, according to wikipedia, there is no clear, single definition of what constitutes terrorism.


    • I don’t think that the film itself is a terrorist act.
      I think that the turmoil that was caused is a terrorist act…
      The man that made the movie, misled all the actors and then promoted his film in foreign countries to spark this type of response…
      I believe that this was an organized happenstance…
      And I don’t think America should protect him nor his family…
      You should see the film though…


    • Hahaha!!
      Exactly what I said…The OBVIOUS dub overs and bad acting itself is utterly disrespectful by itself…
      This is a waste of a reason to riot…
      And I believe that this was orchestrated…


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