7 comments on “Atlanta Teen Charged As Adult After Stabbing Two Year-Old Step Sister To Death

  1. For all of you who think she should be rehabilitated…let me ask you this…after her rehabilitation would you hire her to babysit your children? No? Why not..? Because you know that with this type of crime there is somthing fundamentally wrong with this child that no amoun of rehabilitation or medication will cure….sure meds will deaden her desire to hurt people but it will never go away….there is this unrealistic belief that therapy and meds can fix people ….ahh for most it can but not for someone who is a sociopath and that is what she is…..so you go ahead and rehab her….she is just going to end up in an institution or jail eventually anyway and hopefully she wountkill someone elses kid in the mental health world she is an AXis II probably a personality disorder ….pills and therapy is just a band aid for these folks so beware of what you decide…..she is damaged for life… wonder about how she got that way ….thats what you should be thinkging look at what goes on in that household when the door is shut and yo will find some answers for her behavior.


  2. I Think In This Particular Case The Young Lady Was Mad At The Fact Her Younger Sibling Wasnt Allowing Her To Be A.Teenager Persay As All U Know Around That Age Boys Are The Interest And Teens Often Lose Focus Bcuz Of ” Boys” However If You Are A Older Sibling U Should Know How Much Of A Pest It Is At That Age.To Watch Ur Young Sibling Especially Being A.Teen So Based.On Actions She Should Not B Tried.As.An.Adult Considering The Fact She Acted As A Teen And No Where Near An Adult…


  3. I think that there is a lot you have to think about why was a 13 yr old babysitting four children 5 and younger, how often does that happen and why was it not important enough for the mother to go home when she found out kids were at her home with all her children there. Stabbing is a crime of passion most times especially with it being family ties that close, so what is really going on in this home. There is a lot more to this story that we don’t know so to judge isn’t really my place or position. It is just a real tragedy for the entire family the parents lose two daughters and after this they all need counseling and I think before this happened to because there was something wrong in this faily unit. So do I think trying her as an adult? NO that isn’t gonna solve anything. Also we have to think about the other kids in this family how is it affecting them and what is it gonna take to start a healing process for this family because it will be a long process. Just know we are praying for this family.


  4. This young lady should suffer the consequences of her actions. However, I believe the parents ought to feel some kind of way beacause why would you leave a 13 year old child watching 4 other young children so that you can run errnads. They should be in the next cell.


    • She should not be tried as an adult. She should not have had the responsibility of an adult to look after that many children. We are talking about a 13 year old child that was given entirely too much responsibility and to be forced to care for her step sister. Any blended family should know that isn’t fair to put that off on her at that age. She was given too much responsibility and she became enraged. Overwhelmed. I ve seen adults who get stressed taking care of less children. A 13 year old is not old enough or mature enough to provide care for that many kids. This was the parents fault. They should have known better


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