8 comments on “Woman, 65, Buys Gun From Gun Store…Walks Out To Parking…Then Shoots Herself

      • Yeah, your story captured my attention. I was curious beyond what you had posted and did some googling. I thought some said there is no waiting period in Texas, but I thought it was a federal law. I know here in Michigan, I can’t just go and buy a handgun and get it the same day, I would have to wait. A rifle or shotgun on the other hand can be bought the same day.


      • Here in Georgia, there’s no waiting period between purchase and transfer of guns. All that’s required is a valid Georgia ID for the required Federal background check.


      • It makes sense though. I helped my mom move up from north carolina and guns were no big deal (In the south). The guy she was leaving? His grand daughters were out playing with guns in the back yard shooting target practice and they were under ten! It just appeared to be the norm down there in comparison to the north.

        I’m a gun advocate and rather enjoyed the laid back ways of the south when I was down there. In Michigan and probably a lot of other northern states, people would have a cow letting children just out right play with guns. I’m hill billy anyways and part redneck, so my opinion on guns is probably biased! lol 🙂


      • LOL…
        There’s nothing wrong with being a hill billy, nor a gun advocate.
        I’m one that believes gun never kill people, only people kill people.
        Plus I’ve never seen a gun pull it’s own trigger.
        And I love hill billies!
        They are the only people I know that can have fun, without the internet!
        (I have a couple of hill billy friends in W. Virginia…And I love their country ways)


  1. Ha ha ha! I know about fun and loads of mischief! 😀

    I always say I don’t need friends to get me in the position of getting in trouble, I’m fairly efficient at doing that all on my own! lol 😀

    Anyways, that was super sweet of you to write this article (Warm smiles). Not many people see past their own being and only care for themselves. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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