3 comments on “Facebook Posing Ends In Death

  1. Leave my family alone for Christ sake we are still human. My hope is that for every rude and disrespectful person that believes they have a right to judge my family never has to endure this type of pain that a mother feels!!!! You should all be ashamed of yourself!!!!!


    • Why should I be ashamed?
      Should I be ashamed for posting a real life story to bring awareness to a growing trend that needs to end?
      I didn’t commit the crime…
      I didn’t cause the death…
      Why should I be ashamed?
      I’m sorry for your loss…
      But as far as me showing shame…No way!


      • Let he who hath no sin cast the first stone! Like in your entire life you’ve never had a mistake that you wish you could take back? Everyone has done something irresponsible in their lives. As they say no one is perfect. These Internet sites can cause a lot of grief and pain to families. Just think a minute and ask yourself how you would feel in my shoes. Many things are said without thinking of how the deceased’s loved ones feel. It’s a pain you can’t imagine but it was an accident that she will live with for the rest of her life and myself as well! I don’t mind comments but please watch that people aren’t being slanderous or making hurtful comments. This is just not right, and I know if this happened to anyone else who chooses to judge they would feel the same. I’m only asking that the comments aren’t judgemental when they don’t really know the type of people they really are. Thank you for your quick response and I am appreciative that you respect the pain I’m suffering with.


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