31 comments on “Florida Woman Attacks Ex-hubby With Cattle Prod, Ties Him To Back Of Truck, And Drags Him In Jealous Rage

  1. nsb police asked for viedo of dec 8th at peanuts bar choked out by behind by leo told police want to press charges.no respones.How’s that not a issue.between 8&9pm.


  2. I’ll like to know how many times hal was called by sister.and what really happen.sorrydalethtonge you got it,I’m single vision,I see the rest it sucks,ect.


  3. go by hal’s house American flag,m.i.a. p.o.w.flag in his yard.i believe he’s a vet seen people die I bet.Ibeleive if he wanted bob dead he could of did it.he wants to forget want the miliitary did to him, a new life must be hard for a class A vet. He left was not there.God bless you Hal for leaving BULLIES ARE NOT WORTH IT!!!


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