One comment on “Father’s Negligence Causes Son’s Blindness

  1. I think too often dads get inappropriately accused whenever there is an injury to a child and the dad was the only one in attendance. I closely know a family (and their relatives and friends) who spent a lot of money in attorneys fees to get visitation back for a father who was wrongly accused. Everyone who knew him was willing to vouch there was no way he would have deliberately or negligently done anything to his child. There wasn’t even an injury to the child in that case; the baby was just found not breathing and the dad, alone with the baby, called EMS.

    I know that it is important to protect innocent children from cruel or stupid parents… but I wonder how many babies would be brought in for medical treatment sooner if the parents are not afraid they are going to be wrongly accused of child abuse and/or have their children taken away.


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